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Life in our Bubble

Life in our Bubble: Friends


Our daughter is an only child. We’ve always wanted her to have friends, or at least a friend. Someone like her. A pal to hang out with, go on outings, enjoy similar things. A chum who isn’t paid to be with her or support her. At the moment she doesn’t have this. When she was

Developing vulnerability blog series

Series: Developing Vulnerability – an introduction


Following our popular blog series on Transition, we have launched a new series on ‘developing vulnerability’. Our aim is to cover some of the issues that may be faced and offer practical advice for those people dealing with situations themselves or on behalf of an individual who is losing or may lack capacity. What do

Child Trust Fund Access Campaign

Child Trust Fund Access: we’ve been busy


Since our last update in November, our #ChildTrustFundAccess campaign has gained real momentum. As well as securing the support of Labour MP for Hove, we’re delighted to have the backing of local charity Families for Autism who we’re working with to help raise awareness of the campaign. MP Peter Kyle pledges his support  Labour MP

Benefits for Disabled Children – A Guide


In the first post of our new blog series on benefits, we have put together an overview of the range of social security benefits for disabled children. This is intended to be an overview of what’s available, and in future blogs we will be looking at each of the benefits in more depth. The internet is

Life in our Bubble

Life in our Bubble: Same But Different


The day I was introduced to a friend’s step daughter over 30 years ago is etched deeply in my mind. She was profoundly disabled and had a rare genetic condition. I had never met anybody like her before. I didn’t know how to be, how to communicate in a meaningful way with her, what to