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Trusts for Disabled People Explained – Disabled Person’s Trust


Putting in place a Disabled Person’s Trust, which some people may refer to as a disability trust, can be confusing for a lot of people. Parents are often concerned about putting the right plans in place and whether using these special trusts for disabled beneficiaries is relevant for them, this article will answer your questions.

Mencap Family Hub

Mencap FamilyHub


In 1946, a mum called Judy Fryd – angered and frustrated by the lack of support available to her daughter, who had a learning disability – wrote to a magazine, asking other parents in the same boat to contact her. Thousands of parents replied, sharing their stories and frustrations, and offering help. From there, Mencap,

Best Laid Plans

Life in our bubble: The Best Laid Plans


Our daughter’s been on holiday. So have we. Separately. Just for a few days, but still. And now we are home again and all in one piece. When she was eight she went away without us for the very first time. We didn’t have respite then. We had accepted an invitation for her to join

Hot day Life in our bubble

Life in our bubble: Hot Day


Summer’s here and the windows are open. A faint breeze floats into the room from time to time but mostly the air lies heavy and hot. Our daughter is not feeling well. She’s had a tough couple of weeks and today is most definitely a bed-on-the-sofa day with dvds turned down low. She needs focus