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No rewards for saying “I don’t”


We are really happy to welcome Lisa Burton-Durham to the Renaissance family. Lisa is a Chartered Legal Executive and Resolution trained Collaborative Lawyer from Family Law Partners. In this post Lisa discusses the issues surrounding living with your partner but not being married, over to Lisa. The harsh reality is that if you break up with your


#askRL – Leaving your home to your disabled child


Question: We’re looking at putting in place a Will. Our son, who has always lived with us, has additional needs. We want to leave the family home to him after we have died, it would be really helpful to understand any issues surrounding this? Answer: It is understandable why you would want to leave the

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Life in our bubble: Zzzzz


We are told our daughter has been sleeping twelve hours a night in her new home. This doesn’t seem right or fair. For over twenty years, we’ve had interrupted nights with her, sleepless nights, trying to go to sleep nights, getting back into bed nights. Endless nights followed by long, long, foggy days. The early

Communicating Choices


We are delighted to welcome guest blogger, Charlotte Orrell to the Renaissance family. Charlotte is a Speech and Language Therapist and also an Intermediary in the legal system, facilitating communication between legal professionals and people with communication difficulties. In this blog Charlotte discusses the speech and language implications of reading and understanding legal documents for