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Life in our Bubble

Life in our Bubble: Haircut


When our daughter was young she had long blonde hair, wavy and thick. We tied it up, plaited it, kept it off her face with a variety of colourful slides. We thought she looked beautiful. Our local hairdresser was very accommodating when she needed a trim. On a couple of occasions he even opened his

Speak Out Brighton & Hove

Why I volunteer with Brighton & Hove Speakout


Renaissance Legal’s Clare Finn shares why she volunteers for local charity Speakout. Speakout is a charity based in Brighton and Hove, that was started more than 20 years ago. Its purpose is to support people with learning disabilities to speak up and get their voices heard. I started volunteering with Speakout over 15 years ago.

How do I set up a Disabled Person’s Trust?


In previous blogs we have covered what a Disabled Person’s Trust is, how it can be used to benefit a disabled person and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of trust. A Disabled Person’s Trust (which some people may refer to as a ‘disabilities trust’) to recap, can only be set up for people

Staying Close –  A healthy, happy relationship with your partner


As part of our ongoing aim to support families in all areas of their lives, we’ve invited Family Therapists Kim Crewe and Lorraine Gillingham of The Crescent Practice to share her thoughts on maintaining healthy relationships.   Are you too emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day to talk to your partner,

Life in our Bubble

Life in our Bubble: But I love her…


People come and go. It’s how the world works. We understand its fluidity, constant motion, however subtle and slow. In our world, our daughter’s world especially, constancy is crucial though. And sometimes we just want to stay still for a while. Despite our best efforts, unfortunately it’s not always possible. The other day one of