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Universal Credit comes to town…..what it means for you


Our Benefits expert Jayne Knights updates you on what is happening with the new Universal Credit system. Over to Jayne…. Universal Credit is coming soon to a Jobcentre Plus near you – Literally! This highly controversial new benefit is coming in its ‘full’ version to Eastbourne, Brighton and Hove from this Autumn and nothing in

Mencap Family Hub

Mencap FamilyHub


In 1946, a mum called Judy Fryd – angered and frustrated by the lack of support available to her daughter, who had a learning disability – wrote to a magazine, asking other parents in the same boat to contact her. Thousands of parents replied, sharing their stories and frustrations, and offering help. From there, Mencap,

Positively Parenting Apart


by Gemma Hope, Senior Associate, Solicitor & Collaborative Lawyer at Family Law Partners Parenting when you are not in a relationship with the other parent can be very challenging. When parents can’t agree it can be tempting to some to want to rush to court and have a judge make a decision for them. However, it

A parents view of life with a disabled child

Life in our bubble: Fog and Mist


My partner and I have just had our first 24 hours away together since our daughter returned home a few months ago. We felt it was finally time to take ourselves off, recharge our tired batteries, and have a break from life as we know it, however briefly.  We were confident that our girl would

No Exit Strategy… No Exit Prize…


We regularly talk about planning for the future for your family and personal possessions, however it’s also extremely important to plan ahead if you’re a business owner. In this guest blog, Chris Boakes from ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW discusses succession and exit planning and what you need to consider. Over to Chris… Succession and Exit Planning