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Staying Close –  A healthy, happy relationship with your partner


As part of our ongoing aim to support families in all areas of their lives, we’ve invited Family Therapists Kim Crewe and Lorraine Gillingham of The Crescent Practice to share her thoughts on maintaining healthy relationships.   Are you too emotionally and physically drained at the end of the day to talk to your partner,

Digital Assets

What happens to my Digital Assets when I die?


By Katherine Miller We use online tools and accounts for most aspect of our lives, whether it be online bank accounts, Facebook account or domain name purchases etc. These online accounts and tools are more convenient and make our everyday lives easier to manage. However they can cause problems for family and friends when you

Unmarried couple

“We live together so that’s a common law marriage isn’t it?”


By Katherine Miller Unfortunately, this is an urban myth; what people refer to as a common law marriage/common law wife or husband, doesn’t exist. Common law is not a legally recognised status meaning that living together ‘as husband and wife’ without getting married DOES NOT automatically give any rights to either person, in the same