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What actually is a gift?


We all love to receive a present and giving a present makes you feel good! A gift is something of value that is given willingly to someone without payment. We can all understand a gift at Christmas or on a birthday; sometimes cash, a voucher or a treat paid for by someone else. If Granny

Letters of Wishes


We regularly stress the importance of letters of wishes, to be thought of alongside Wills and/or Trusts, to the individuals and families who we work with. In this blog Clare Finn guides you through letters of wishes, what they are, why they are used and what they should cover: What are they? They are separate

Digital Assets

What happens to my Digital Assets when I die?


By Katherine Miller We use online tools and accounts for most aspect of our lives, whether it be online bank accounts, Facebook account or domain name purchases etc. These online accounts and tools are more convenient and make our everyday lives easier to manage. However they can cause problems for family and friends when you

Inheritance Tax Changes Update


By Clare Finn This time last year we looked at Inheritance tax and discussed plans for the Residential Nil Rate Band (RNRB), an additional allowance to add to an individual‘s current Nil Rate Band (NRB) of £325,000, which will be available from 6 April 2017. Additional Allowance The additional allowance starts at £100,000 in April

What happens if I don’t make a Will?


By Clare Finn Your Will sets out what you want to happen to everything that you own when you die. You can appoint Executors, who make sure your wishes are carried out, and you can appoint Trustees to look after money for any children who are under 18, or where the person you want to