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Working nine till five life in our bubble

Life in our Bubble: Working Nine To Five


We have always been working parents. I am a commuter, with a day at home a week to catch up on paperwork. My partner works predominantly at home now and is self employed.  Our ways of working have altered over the years of course, in line with our daughter’s changing needs and circumstances as she’s

Best Laid Plans

Life in our bubble: The Best Laid Plans


Our daughter’s been on holiday. So have we. Separately. Just for a few days, but still. And now we are home again and all in one piece. When she was eight she went away without us for the very first time. We didn’t have respite then. We had accepted an invitation for her to join

Hot day Life in our bubble

Life in our bubble: Hot Day


Summer’s here and the windows are open. A faint breeze floats into the room from time to time but mostly the air lies heavy and hot. Our daughter is not feeling well. She’s had a tough couple of weeks and today is most definitely a bed-on-the-sofa day with dvds turned down low. She needs focus

Ah Bless, Life in Our Bubble

Life in our bubble: Ah Bless


I was showing our daughter some pictures I had taken when out on a walk with my partner the other day. We’d had a couple of hours up on the Downs while she was at the cinema with one of her carers. I knew she would never be able to go where we had been  

Life in our bubble Cafe Society

Life in our bubble: Cafe Society


Our daughter has never drunk coffee, tea, hot drinks. She isn’t much of a drinker in fact, and often has to be coaxed to put cup to lip, and sip. We make sure we always have enough of her favourite drink in the house and take plenty when we go away. Oh, if only she