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When saving for your child may be a problem


For the majority of parents, it’s important to plan ahead and consider how you will support your children through their education and early adulthood; we are often encouraged to set aside savings to provide for our children into their future. Savings accounts, Children’s Bonds, Junior ISAs, Child Trust Funds are products that are available when

Education and Transition for young people with SEND


by Sue McMillan, Reaching Families For parent carers of a child with special educational needs or a disability (SEND), picturing your child as an adult can be difficult, especially if you do not know how their condition will progress, or how their needs will change. However, early planning for your child’s future will ensure that

Transition series

A guide to decision making at Transition


The legal position regarding decision making changes once a person becomes an adult and it is important to understand how your disabled child may be affected by this. Our very own Solicitor, Katherine Miller, who specialises in planning for the future for families with disabled and vulnerable children, will highlight what needs to be considered

Amaze Guest Blog

‘Here we go again – 16 years later’


Our transition series continues with Amaze, a charity offering information, advice and support to families of children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities in Brighton and Hove; discussing support services available for your child as they reach adulthood. Over to Amaze… When you have a son or daughter with additional needs, life

Benefits at Transition – Universal Credit and other tricky inventions


Following our blog last month, introducing our transition series which gives families and carers practical advice on how to manage transition where a disabled and vulnerable person is concerned, benefits expert Jayne Knights guides parents and carers through the new rules of Universal Credit and how parents and carers may be affected by this. Over