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East Sussex Parent Carers’ Council Seminar

East Sussex Parents and Carers’ Council (ESPaCC)
14th September 2017
Wills and Trust Seminar

ESPaCC’s offer a dedicated place to support and outline services available for children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs in East Sussex. Their vision is to help young people lead happy and fulfilled lives, have choices and all their health needs cared for.

As part of their events programme, Philip Warford and Clare Finn from Renaissance Legal will present our planning for the future seminar to families in East Sussex. Philip will present the two-hour seminar about the importance of Wills and Trust.

Some families might already have a Will in place, but more often than not people do not realise that leaving a lump sum to a disabled or vulnerable person could effect their means tested benefits and put them at risk of financial abuse.

Philip will teach families how to protect their child through a Will and Trust. He explains the process, covering the choice of executors and Trustees, Letters of Wishes and give guidance on the right trust for the individual family.

Presentation begins at 10:30am
Finishing at 12:30pm

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