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The Winners of the Renaissance Legal Artwork Competition have been announced.

We have always wanted to run an artwork competition like this, but haven’t had the opportunity until now! As some of you may know we moved to lovely new offices in December 2018 and the walls needed some bright new artwork to make it feel like home.

The Renaissance Legal Artwork Competition was open nationally to children and young adults between the ages of 4 and 25 with disabilities or SEN.

We asked you to create a picture of your favourite day. This could have been anything that made a day special to you, whether it be a relaxing day at home, a fun-filled day at the park or eating cakes with your favourite friend!

Entries were be split into the following categories:

  • 4-8 years old
  • 9-13 years old
  • 14-18 years old
  • 19-25 years old

Prizes were awarded to the winners, with a Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in each of the age categories, as well as an overall winner. Each winner chose gift vouchers from either Amazon, iTunes or National Book Tokens for the winning amount (Gold: £40, Silver: £20, Bronze: £10). The overall winner chose a voucher for £100 from the same retailers.

The winner of each age category will have their artwork professionally printed and framed for display in the new Renaissance Legal offices.

We’re extremely lucky to have had the support of Ros Cook (Services Director at Amaze) and Danielle Garratt (Volunteer with Brighton’s Mymarc group) alongside our very own Philip Warford who judged the competition.

The Winners

The winners have been announced, take a look at their wonderful creations below and their explanation of their favourite day:

The overall and 19-25 age group winner

On my birthday I had my first date. I was nervous and a little bit scared. I went to the loving hut. My heart was beating really fast. I ate vegan cake with hot chocolate sauce it tasted delish!! It was sunny outside, what a nice day for a nice date.

Charlie, 22 years old

Overall Winner Artwork Competition

14 – 18 age group winner

This picture contains many of my favourite things in one picture. One of my favourite things to do after a tiring day is to just watch some TV alone with my two favourite ‘people’; my dog and cat. I’m just relaxing in my living room watching TV with my feet up, a very comfortable position. There is a steaming cup of tea on the side, the exact colour that I like! On the wall is a tube map because I like the tube. The time is 8 o’clock which is a relaxing time.

Joseph, 18 years old

14 - 18 age group Artwork Competition

9- 13 age group winner

Ryan’s favourite day consists of CBeebies, Meerkats, StormTroopers, his iPad, trains, planes, horse-riding, going along a zip slide, chips and having fun with Mummy and Cookie (step-dad). The smiley shapes and zigzags represent one of his favourite programmes on CBeebies ‘Mister Maker’. A day full of these things really does make him so happy. The sole use of a black pen encapsulates Ryan completely. He is ‘black and white’ and nothing in between. It took Ryan over half an hour to create his artwork because he has a keen eye for detail and must get it right. His concentration was wonderful.

Ryan, 10 years old

9 - 13 age group winner Artwork Competition

4 – 8 age group winner

My son Mylo has designed this picture based on his favourite things he loves doing “Lego and camping”. He loves building lots of things out of Lego every day and is always carrying a Lego mini-figure around the house. When he’s older his dream job is to become a Lego creator.

Mylo, 8 years old

4 -8 age group winner Artwork Competition

Judges special mention

We explained the theme of the picture to William and using his communication aid he chose the following words: When: Christmas, Who: Amy, Where: Florida, night, arts and crafts. The picture is a mixture of past events combined with William’s favourite time of year, favourite past time (art) and the joy of spending time with his sister. We all have very happy memories of our holiday in Florida, when Williams was 15 and his sister, Amy was 11. Some of our evenings were spent looking back at the day and all the exciting things we had done, then recording the events in a scrap book, using whatever medium the children chose – drawing, sticking in photos, leaflets etc. We treasure these books and our memories and William still refers to this fun and exciting holiday.

William, 21 years old

Special mention Artwork Competition

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