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Benefit appeals – what to do if you get an ESA or PIP decision and you’re not happy


Many readers of this blog will either receive benefits or be a carer for someone who receives benefits. The most common benefits for people with disabilities are Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

Some more recent claimants may even have claimed Universal Credit (UC) instead of ESA – as UC is gradually taking its place for many claimants. If you want to know more about UC, then have a look at our previous blog on Universal Credit.

To claim any of these benefits, the claimant needs to complete a very lengthy claim form and then (probably) attend a medical with a Health Care Professional. These medicals can be stressful, and the Health Care Professional may not even be an expert in the medical condition of the claimant.

Using the information contained within the benefit claim form (and any supporting evidence), and the medical report from the Health Care Professional, a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decision maker will then decide whether the benefit is payable or not, and at what rate. The DWP decision maker is highly unlikely to be medically trained either.

However, these decisions can have a far-reaching impact, both in the weekly level of income for a disabled person, and the other ‘benefits’ that can be accessed as a result of someone receiving either ESA or PIP.

What is the success rate for new ESA / PIP claims?

The rate for successful new ESA claims is only about 62%, which means that 38% of claims are refused and the claimant is found fit for work (according to April 2018 figures from the DWP).

The success rate for new PIP claims is 45% (and 72% for those being reassessed from DLA).

This level of refusal means there are many unhappy claimants. So, what can you do if this happens to you? Once the decision has been made, the only way of changing it is by challenging it through the official appeals process. 

In what situations might you want to appeal?

The following examples may apply to you:

  • You have been awarded PIP at a lower level than you expected (or none at all).
  • You have been refused ESA and have been told to look for work instead.
  • You claimed ESA and have been placed in the work-related activity group of ESA (which means you have to undertake work preparation tasks). You hoped to be placed in the support group of ESA (which means no work preparation tasks are required).
  • You claimed Universal Credit because you believed you are too unwell to look for work, and you have been advised to look for work instead.
  • You claimed UC as someone too unwell to work, and you have been told you have Limited Capability for Work only. This means that, despite not having to look for work, you still have to go to the jobcentre to meet your work coach and undertake some work preparation tasks. You hoped to satisfy the test for having Limited Capability for Work Related Activity which would mean that you would not have to do any of these.

What does the appeal process look like?

The first stage of the appeals process – Mandatory Reconsideration:

The claimant can ask for a Mandatory Reconsideration (MR). This has to be requested within one month of the decision being challenged. Late requests can be accepted where there are good reasons for lateness.

There is a standard form to complete to request an MR. On the form, the claimant needs to explain what they believe is wrong with the original decision and how they would like it changed. It is also crucial to attach more evidence  to support the claim, as clearly what was submitted originally was not sufficient for the claim to be successful.

The MR request is sent to the PIP office, and a different DWP decision maker will look at the claim and decide whether the decision can be changed. Once the decision is made, the claimant is sent two copies of the decision, known as a Mandatory Reconsideration notice.

What chances of success are there at Mandatory Reconsideration stage?

Sadly, the success rate at Mandatory Reconsideration stage for ESA is 12% and for PIP is 14%.  This is why many people have to carry on to the second stage of the appeal process.

The second stage of the appeals process – Appeal to a First Tier Tribunal

If, at Mandatory Reconsideration, the DWP has not changed their decision, or it has – but you still disagree with it, you need to decide whether to appeal to a First Tier Tribunal.

This Tribunal comprises an independent oral hearing. It is made up of a Chair (a qualified lawyer) and a doctor. For the PIP tribunal, there is also a lay person who has knowledge of disability. It is strongly advised that the claimant attends the Hearing. It is easier for the Tribunal to decide in your favour if they can meet you and talk to you about your needs.

The appeal is lodged by completing form SSCS1 (sent to claimants with their MR Notice). This form has to be completed detailing the reasons for the appeal and should be submitted within one calendar month of the MR notice date. Late appeals can be allowed if there are good reasons. Once the appeal form is completed, it must be sent to the Courts and Tribunal Service together with a copy of the Mandatory Reconsideration Notice (to prove that the first appeal stage has been gone through and what the result was).

In East Sussex, a pilot scheme is currently underway to allow people to make a PIP appeal online, and then monitor its progress online.

Appealing to an Appeal Tribunal can be time consuming (there is lots of paperwork to read and reply to) and can be emotionally draining. Although most Tribunals are run in a sensitive way, the experience of being questioned in great detail about everyday life can be distressing. Claimants are best advised to take someone with them for moral support and get professional help with preparing their appeal and try to access representation where possible.

The success rate at ESA and PIP appeal stage is 71%, which does (arguably) bring into question the quality of the original decision making prior to the appeal.

Where can you find more information

You can find general information about challenging benefit decisions on the Citizens Advice website:


What help can we provide?

Jayne Knights and Amy Swinnerton are very experienced at helping clients make claims for ESA and PIP. They can also prepare applications for the Mandatory Reconsideration stage – with the right preparation it may be possible to avoid the need for any Tribunal hearing. They are also experienced advocates and can assist you in preparing for and support you at appeal tribunal hearings.

If you would like to discuss any help or support you need at either of these appeal stages, email the team.

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58 Responses to “Benefit appeals – what to do if you get an ESA or PIP decision and you’re not happy”

  1. Lorna Moore says:

    Do you have to have a form to do a mandatory reconsideration.? When I phoned Pip to ask for one as I was turned down for a recent review I was told no just send in any more evidence and write to say what you didn’t agree with. They said you don’t need a form?

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      Thank you for your comment. There is no requirement to complete a specific form to request a Mandatory Reconsideration. You just need to let the DWP know what you are unhappy with and what you want them to look at again. It is also important to send more evidence if you have it as, presumably, the information and evidence they already have did not generate the award you wanted. Having said all that, there is a form that can be used if you want to. This form can be accessed here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/challenge-a-decision-made-by-the-department-for-work-and-pensions-dwp. It gives you a structure of what they are looking for.

      Good luck with your Mandatory Reconsideration.

  2. Lorna Moore says:

    I’m having problems sending this, do you need a form to ask for a mandatory reconsideration? I have asked for one from Dwp, they tell me I don’t need one just send in any new information and outline what you don’t agree with.

  3. Loukia Pitta says:

    Hi I would like if possible to get help with my PIP decision
    I had an assessment done on the 4th of March and today I got a letter to say they have take me off the higher rate and put me on the standard rate for both elements of PIP
    Thanking You In Advance

    Loukia Pitta

  4. Anthony Burton says:

    I am a carer for a lady who has been just been moved from DLA to PIP. see has been on DLA since 2001. when on DLA she was on Both Higher Rates and both indefinite also on ESA and is in ESA Support Group She had a home visit assessment. she was awarded standard rate on both. she requested a MR and the DM MR confirm the first award. She has has applied to appeal which has been excepted. I am at present try to hekp with the paperwork. Could you please advise on cost of representing her for the appeal. Yours sincerely. Anthony

    • Cat Melhuish says:

      Thank you for you comment. We will contact you via e-mail to discuss your exact requirements and provide a cost estimate.

  5. Andrea Williams says:

    I’ve just had my granddaughters pip claim through and they awarded her £23 per week at the moment she has £433 per month which is a big difference, I intend to appeal but need help in doing so, my granddaughter suffers from PTSD as she’s been abused by her father who is now in prison, she sometimes can’t get out of bed bath or brush her hair, and certainly doesn’t go out unless she’s with someone which isn’t very often can u help please

  6. Was on DLA for life changed over to pip awarded for 18 month went to see health care professional at a meeting on 28th feb 19 this health care professional lied on everyone of my questions so I’ve gone for a Mandiortiry reconsideration answer next week it’s had my pip closed and esa halfed I’m disabled and find it totally unfair that someone could lie about your answers I usually get full points on both enhanced rate and after this meeting she never even gave me 1 point I’m making an official complaint I live in Cornwall and after the reconsideration rate being so low I’m knowing I will have to go for an appeal any help would be great as I’m now living on virtually nothing I’m £700 a month worse off and didn’t know these people could lie about your answer

  7. Tracy says:

    PLEASE CAN I HAVE some information please. I have been getting pip for my illnesses for some time and I phoned them to tell them that my illnesses are worse with a cpap machine now I went for a medical and the lady did not ask me anything about this or want tabs I am on. Few weeks went by and I got a letter to say that they have stopped my money. Which I phoned them to say I am not happy with the decision. So they said I have to send in all the tabs I am on which I have and a report from my doctor all my illness. Please can you tell me if I will get it back please and can I get more help to get it back please Thank you

  8. Justin Valverde says:

    I have applied to fru representation and have been refused due to the fact that they don’t represent clients at the weekends only Monday to Fridays. I sent an email to the HM courts & tribunals requesting to reschedule the hearing on the 22nd telling them the reason stated above. My hearing falls on a Saturday morning at 9.30.
    Again I have been refused. Even if a reschedule was granted by the appeal courts there’s no Guarantee that fru would take on the appeal. So it leaves me with no representative at the hearing. I wondered if you can help me in some way by finding some other source to take on thee appeal…kind regards

  9. Malak Nasir says:

    Currently supporting client with accessing support with the following: PIP (new claim appeal).
    Recently received a letter acknowledging receipt of her appeal and stating that the appeal will proceed as a Oral hearing – can you be of support with this.

    Look forward to hearing back from you with regards to this.

    Miss Nasir

  10. Tracy says:

    Hello my name is Tracy. And I would like some help please. I was getting personal independent payment. I phone them to tell them that my illnesses are worse. So they sent me for a medical which I was not happy with she never ask me any think about my illness and how I was. So a few weeks later I have a letter saying that I am not got pip no more because my marks was 000. I phone them and said that I have the same illness and now I have a cpap machine which I have on all night I also have kidney disease stage 3. Which I am seeing the doctor. And my depression and anxiety are really bad. And all those problems are making me feel really bad and my mum has not long passed away. So I have sent to them a report from my doctors. And a letter. Now I am waiting for them to let me know what’s going to happen now. All this has really pushing me over the edge. Please can you help me please. My email address is. Horsecroft@gmx.co.uk thank you

  11. Graham emery says:

    I have been taken off pip completely. I was on the higher rate for mobility. But the record of the assessment contains lies.how do I challenge this as I have no new evidence to send in.

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      Thank you for your comment. If you are unhappy with your PIP decision, you need to request a Mandatory Reconsideration (as detailed in the blog).

      It is better if you can send them additional evidence, but not essential. Just try to explain to them why you think the decision is wrong, and how the medical assessment is incorrect. Hope you are successful.

  12. Rahf says:

    Hello, I have applied for a pip application and I have MS and I am not happy with the decision that was taken. What can I do?

    • Jayne Knights says:

      Thank you for your comment. If you are unhappy with your PIP decision, you need to request a Mandatory Reconsideration (as detailed in the blog). Just try to explain to them why you think the decision is wrong, and how the medical assessment is incorrect.

  13. Jacqueline Mann says:

    I have been informed yesterday that I have lost my appeal for PIP, they have stuck by the decision they made after a home assessment that I will receive enhanced mobility and standard rate care. I cannot now do anything for myself and am living an existence not a life, I have to rely on my daughter and 13 year old granddaughter for everything including showering and dressing, cooking me ready meals etc. I want a normal life with my family I don’t want to have to rely on them – it’s causing friction. I have no chance of getting social care like everyone else because of cut backs. I understand that the only way I can further appeal is if I feel a point of law is wrong, I have no idea what to look for, could you help me please.

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for your blog comment. I am sorry to hear that your PIP appeal did not go as you had hoped.

      Our Benefits team are experienced welfare rights experts who specialise in making the complicated benefits system understandable. Our offices are located in Brighton and our consultants hold meetings with clients at the office or via email, telephone or Skype.

      As you will no doubt have realised, the right to appeal at this level is not automatically granted. Appeals to the Upper Tribunal are based on points of law – you have to show more than the fact you are unhappy with the decision (which you no doubt are). You have to show that the Tribunal got the law wrong, or got the facts wrong, or failed to take account of relevant facts, or behaved unfairly, or reached a decision that no reasonable Tribunal could have reached. Once you have the statement of reasons, you can decide what further action you take.

      It is a lengthy and complex process and you will need help and support. We can help you with this but we charge for the help we provide, please call the office on 01273 610611 to arrange an appointment.

  14. jenny weaver says:

    please could u send me a phone number to contact someone for help with tribunal for pip.

    • Cat Melhuish says:

      Hi Jenny, Thank you for your comment. Our phone number is 01273 610611. Please ask for Cat Melhuish, Benefits Administrator. Thanks

  15. Steve Dunlop says:


    My sister made a claim for ESA last year which was rejected following a Work Capability Assessment. The Mandatory Reconsideration also failed (although given the ‘success’ rates you mention I’m not surprised. Her Appeal is due to be heard on 14/8/19. She’s been without any form of income for nearly 3 years now.

    Unfortunately she suffered a stroke last week. A new application for benefits has now been made.

    However I would appreciate some guidance on the Appeal. If I produce a letter from the Doctors will I be able to make submissions on her behalf ? (she can be in attendance at the Appeal but has communication issues).

    I think she’s underplayed the level of her issues. Can additional material be introduced at the Hearing ?

    Is there a catalogue of previous Appeal Adjudications published anywhere?

    Thanks in advance

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      You can certainly attend the hearing with your sister. How much you will be allowed to say will depend on the panel. Sometimes, the appeal panel want to hear more from the claimant. However, from what you say, this may not be possible in your sister’s case, so they may need your assistance to help explain things. It is a good idea to put your arguments in writing and send them in, in advance of the hearing date. Just explain why you think the decision is wrong. If you are going to produce more evidence (from her GP or other source), it is important that you also send this in before the Hearing date. This will ensure that the panel members have a chance to read and consider it in advance of the Hearing. Additional evidence produced on the day may not be accepted, so best not to take that risk. Submit this in good time!

      If you want support with the appeal, you can contact our offices. However, our service is a chargeable service. If you would like us to provide you with a quote for services, please phone us on 01273 610 611.

  16. Dawn says:

    Hi i was wondering if you can help i recently had my pip tribunal and was in the room for 1 and a half hours is this normal i couldn’t get a word in and when I did they treetops of me my appeal was refused and no points awarded do you think I should take this further it has gone on since June 2018.
    Thanks Dawn

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      I’m sorry to hear that your PIP appeal did not go as you had hoped. To challenge a PIP Appeal Tribunal decision, you have to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. Appeals at this level are lengthy and complex. The right to appeal at this level is not automatically granted. Appeals to the Upper Tribunal are based on points of law – you have to show more than the fact you are unhappy with the decision (which you no doubt are). You have to show that the Tribunal got the law wrong, or got the facts wrong, or failed to take account of relevant facts, or behaved unfairly, or reached a decision that no reasonable Tribunal could have reached.

      It is a complex process and you will need help and support. We can help you with this but we charge for the help we provide. If you would like further information about possible costs, please contact us on info@renaissancelegal.co.uk or 01273 610 611.

  17. Dawn says:

    Sorry tore strips not treetops

  18. kelly cooper says:

    I was refused a few days back, I have already stated to dwp I am doing a MR. What I’d like to know is, do you know why they say it is a review, when clearly it’s not, I went to my “review” spoke at great lengths about what issues had changed and what had got worse, but not what had stayed the same (as it was a REVIEW). When I got refused , I believe this is the reason why, because they didnt mention any existing stable medical problem in my decision letter. Also, if someone has been awarded for 2 years but it is revoked after 18 months from when they refuse you, and u end up in debt straight away, can they do this? As it states in writing the award is until the end of dec 2019 , for example, and you had it refused in July 2019, I thought anything in writing and signed is legally binding, isn’t it?
    Many thanks

    • Emma Wheeler says:


      Thank you for your comment. We are going to email you for more information so that we can answer your questions.

      Thank you, we will be in touch soon.

  19. Lee Fleming says:

    Hi,i have been on ESA since 2016 and getting the limited capability for work money entitlement that went with it. In Nov 2018 it was decided after another assessment that i was fit for work and put on Universal Credit in Feb 2019, i appealed this decision and after another assessment in March 2019 they said that i DID have limited capability for work,but as i went on Universal Credit after 3/4/17 i am not entitled to the extra money,i am really upset with how i am getting treated ,….. are they correct ? thank you. lee

    • Jayne Knights says:

      Hi there,

      Well done on finally getting the correct decision. The answer to your question depends on when the decision that you have Limited Capability for Work was backdated to. If your LCW status was backdated to the date of your fit for work decision, ie Nov 18, then your LCW status should be regarded as continuous, whether you were on ESA or UC, and you should get the LCW component. If your LCW status was not backdated as far as Nov 18, then unfortunately it’s correct and you would not be entitled to the extra LCW element.

      I hope this helps. We are happy to help further with your case. Ours is a chargeable service so please email us for details.


  20. shaz says:

    4 points of mobility component was given at the tribunal the condition has worsened affects mobility however living pip was approved. How do I apply again for mobility component ?

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      Thank you for your comment. If your mobility has worsened since the decision that the Tribunal were considering (and then decided), you can now ask the PIP office to look at your mobility award again. However, you will need to prove that your mobility has worsened since that last decision, and you are not just querying it because you are unhappy with the Tribunal decision.

      If the PIP office do agree to look at your mobility needs again, they will also look at your daily living needs at the same time. So, be careful that the daily living award can be sustained.

      I hope this helps. We are happy to help further with your case. Ours is a chargeable service so please email us for details.

  21. Steve Turrell says:

    I have been on ESA (SG) for 6years, I had a health assesment in June 2019 and the next thing I heard from DWP was when I received my P45 through the post on Friday 12th July. I phoned DWP to be told that I got 0 points on my health assesment. I hadn’t received any letters or report to inform me of this. I suffer from chronic pain syndrome a problem with my central nervous system. I’ve attended pain management program, which at the end of the pain management team sign you back to your GP, which means that I’m no under a consultant, I also have a respiritory problem. I spoke to the woman from DWP who summarised the report over the phone, which I disgreed with most of the statements made, she said that she would send me a copy of the report so that I could read it and send evidence in to appeal and she would start the ball rolling. I received a copy of the report on Friday 19th July (mid afternoon) and by the time that I’d read it, didn’t have enough time to call DWP. On Saturday 20th July I recieved MR letter dated 18th July saying that they hadn’t changed their decision. This means that they had re-assessed my case in just 3 working days, without being given the opportunity to submit evidence. I’ve been advised by CAB to take it to tribunal, which I have done. I’ve had to put all utility companies on hold at the minute. Luckily my housing benefit has been reinstated & just waiting on a decision on getting ESA reinstated while waiting for my appeal. Is there anything else that I can do?

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      Appealing to a Tribunal is the right thing to do. The CAB will be able to help you to do this. One general bit of advice – try to get additional medical evidence to support what you are saying – from wherever you can (GP, hospital, Pain Management Clinic, carers). Good luck and hope it gets sorted

  22. Miss Anita Susan Leeming says:

    Hi,I used to claim DLA but when reassessed they awarded me very low points so I went to appeal and lost that. Three years later and I have decided to claim once more, do I put in for a new claim form now because of the time lapse?
    Thank you

    • Jayne Knights says:

      You will certainly need to make a claim from scratch due to the time that has elapsed. We would be happy to help you with the preparation and submission of your claim, and we can do this in person, if you are local to Brighton, or by phone, email or skype. We offer a chargeable service. Please let us know if you would like any further information about how we might be able to help, you can call the office and ask to speak to Cat on 01273 610 611 or e-mail us on benefits@renaissancelegal.co.uk

      • Anita Susan Leeming says:

        Thank you for your reply. I live in Ramsgate Kent and I do have somebody to help me with a new claim.
        Best wishes Anita x

  23. Shella Townsend says:

    I am agoraphobic and the DWP has taken me out of the support group for ESA and placed me in the work activity group. I am appealing this at a tribunal.
    I have only just started this but am looking for a representative for when I have a hearing.
    Can you help or point me in the direction of someone who can?
    Thank you,

    • Jayne Knights says:

      We can definitely help you with the preparation of your appeal. The type of help we can give will depend on where you are located. We are based in Brighton, and we offer a chargeable service. Please get back in touch with us and let us know where you are located, and we’ll see how we can best help you with this. You can call the office and ask to speak to Cat on 01273 610 611 or e-mail us on benefits@renaissancelegal.co.uk

  24. Rebecca says:

    My daughter lost her pip we are now going to a tribunal. I need advice/help on this matter. I need help going through the pip report and a advocate to speak at the trial. I have no clue how to deal with this situation. I have made many phone calls too mind, scope, seap, second step the list goes on. no one offers this help. D.I.A.L was supporting her to fill in forms but they can not help us further. It seems because we live in north Somerset there is no help regarding this matter. I am at my wits end, feel completely lost. It feels hopeless

    • Jayne Knights says:

      I’m sorry you are going through this, and I do understand that it can feel hopeless when you’re not sure what to do. Please keep in mind that the majority of PIP decisions are overturned at tribunal, so it’s definitely worth sticking with it. Please get in touch and speak to Cat on 01273 610 611 or e-mail us on benefits@renaissancelegal.co.uk to see if there is any help we can give you. Our services are chargeable, and we are based in Brighton.

  25. Mervyn says:

    I had mr turned down,Ive arthritis in both feet and hips,ptsd and other ailments is it worth me putting in the next appeal process.
    Also the advisor that gave me a home visit lied on every question what can I do about taking her too court?

    • Cat Melhuish says:

      Thank you for your comment, we are sorry that you are having a difficult time with your claim. We can certainly help and advise you regarding mandatory reconsideration and appeals. We offer a chargeable service so if you would like to know more about these services, our hourly rates and how we can best help you, then please email us at benefits@renaissancelegal.co.uk.

  26. Richard Walker says:

    I need help with a pip decision.. I’ve been getting DLA since 1998 and now they are trying to stop it when I was born with a disability and on top of that my son was murdered by his mum and now I suffer with depression and anxiety..

    • Cat Melhuish says:

      Thank you for your comment, we are sorry that you are having a difficult time with your claim. We can certainly help and advise you regarding mandatory reconsideration and appeals. We offer a chargeable service so if you would like to know more about these services, our hourly rates and how we can best help you, then please email us at benefits@renaissancelegal.co.uk.

  27. Says you have emailed me regarding my post not received email ??

  28. John Savage says:

    I have to go next week for a Medical Examination next Thursday and what would like to know if I am refused PIP will my ESA benefit stop?
    I was issued with a Doctors letter and posted 5 years ago explaining that he does not recommend that I do any waged work and I was awarded ESA with no time limit.

    • Cat Melhuish says:

      Thank you for your comment. The short answer to this is that if your PIP claim fails, which I hope it won’t, then this would only impact your ESA if your ESA includes a premium called the Severe Disability Premium. This premium is conditional on you receiving the daily living component of PIP. Your ESA should otherwise not be affected by any loss of PIP unless the PIP assessor thinks there has been a significant improvement in your condition and notifies ESA accordingly. This can trigger another work capability assessment.

      Before you go to your PIP medical, make sure you are thoroughly aware of the PIP scoring system. You can find details of this on the Disability Rights UK website.

      We can help you with all aspects of your PIP and ESA claims and we offer a chargeable service. If you would like more information about this then please email us directly on benefits@renaissancelegal.co.uk.

  29. Mark Dunford says:

    We are in the process of requesting a MR after my son was ‘downgraded’ significantly during his recent PIP reassessment. He has autism and other MH issues. Would it be advisable to suggest the assessor has (in our opinion) acted in a discriminatory way by treating him differently due to his ‘hidden disabilities’? We genuinely feels he has been the victim of an unjust assessment and would have not been downgraded if he had an ‘overt disability’. We do not want to point fingers at ant individual but feel the system is simply discriminatory. Thank you

    • Amy Swinnerton says:

      I am so sorry to hear that you believe your son was treated in a discriminatory way at his PIP assessment. You may be aware that there are a lot of concerns about the manner in which PIP assessments are undertaken for many people and, in particular, those with learning disabilities and mental health needs.

      There is no reason why you should not address your concerns about the medical and how your son was treated within the MR. You can certainly say that you do not feel the medical suitably explored or addressed your son’s needs. However this will not, in itself, get the decision changed.

      What you do need to do, in addition, is to satisfy the DWP that your son scores sufficient points to be awarded PIP. Therefore, additional information and evidence about his needs are crucial. Explain and prove why the medical assessor got it wrong.

      We can help you with full preparation of the MR which can take a number of hours. Alternatively, we can meet with you and guide you through what you need to include to improve your chances of success. This would take roughly two hours. If you would like us to provide you with a quotation and arrange a meeting (in person or by Skype) then please call the office on 01273 610611.

  30. Julie Johnson says:

    I just want to know if mandatory disagreement could help in mycase. I got a lower rate for the care which I can live with but the mobility comments were nothing like my assessment. I spent the whole timecsatvin my wheelchair and asked to stand up. I was unbalanced as I stood up and that was that. I was not asked to walk. I was stressed throughout the whole think so much that the night before I could not sleep. I was actually falling asleep through the assessment but was told I was showing no nerves, answering questions coherently. This is untrue and in fact my husband said I sounded drunk even though I don’t drink. I cant walk far or stand for any length of time. I’m just worried I may lose the part I got if I asked for reconsideration which means I would be unable to manage financially. Your thoughts on this would be appreciated. With thanks.

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