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Decision making and mental capacity

Developing Vulnerability – Decision Making & Mental Capacity


Having mental capacity to make our own decisions is something that many of us take for granted, but in reality, any of us could face a situation where our capacity fluctuates or is lost on a short-term, or even permanent, basis. In this piece we will review the process for making decisions where a person’s

#askRL – What is a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney?


Today, Solicitors for the Elderly launch its new campaign “The Incapacity Crisis: Making sure your wishes are heard” which raises awareness of Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney. In support of the campaign, and as part of our own blog series on ‘Developing Vulnerability’ which looks at what happens when mental capacity is lost

Developing vulnerability blog series

Series: Developing Vulnerability – an introduction


Following our popular blog series on Transition, we have launched a new series on ‘developing vulnerability’. Our aim is to cover some of the issues that may be faced and offer practical advice for those people dealing with situations themselves or on behalf of an individual who is losing or may lack capacity. What do