In 1946, a mum called Judy Fryd – angered and frustrated by the lack of support available to her daughter, who had a learning disability – wrote to a magazine, asking other parents in the same boat to contact her.

Thousands of parents replied, sharing their stories and frustrations, and offering help. From there, Mencap, the national learning disability charity, was born.

Last year Mencap turned 70, and in honour of Judy, we launched a new online community for parents of children with a learning disability. Parents, like Judy, who are seeking support and contact with others like them. Introducing, FamilyHub!

What is FamilyHub?

FamilyHub is an online community for parents and carers of people with a learning disability.

It’s a place to ask questions, start discussions, and share triumphs and challenges.

It’s a place to connect with people who might be facing the same problems, and gives parents the chance to offer their own support. Just like Judy.

Who is it for?

FamilyHub is a place for parents and family carers to connect.

We know it can feel lonely at times when you’re caring for someone with a learning disability, especially if your family and friends don’t fully understand what it’s like. So we built a platform for parents and carers up and down the country to share stories, practical tips, and other information.

You are experts by experience, and we’re here simply to facilitate this community. It’s not Mencap’s online community, it’s yours.

What kind of things are people talking about?

The short answer is; all sorts!

There are lots of conversations going on about housing, benefits and diagnosis. One mum posted about sleeping tips for her daughter who refuses to sleep past 4am! There are also more personal conversations going on, about topics including loneliness, divorce and terminal illness. Take a look at all the conversations going on.

From time to time, FamilyHub is also a great place to find information from experts. There are Q&A threads hosted by professionals including a speech and language therapist, an employment advisor, not to mention Katherine from Renaissance Legal to answer questions on wills and trusts! Take a look and fire away if you have a question for any of our experts.

Get involved!

If you are a parent or family carer of someone with a learning disability, why not join? Share your story, start a discussion, help someone out. You’ll find a host of people facing the same challenges as you. And you never know, you might even find a friend.

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