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Downs Syndrome Benefits and Work


By Jayne Knights To coincide with Down’s Syndrome Awareness Week 18th – 24th March, this blog concentrates its benefits beady eye on how people with Down’s Syndrome can work without sabotaging or losing any benefits they receive. The benefit rules, of course, apply to anyone, people with Down’s Syndrome are just as likely to be

Sense – ‘When I’m Gone’ campaign


In our latest guest blog Sarah White, Head of Public Policy and Campaigns at Sense talks about the charities ‘When I’m Gone’ campaign. What will happen when I’m gone?  This is a question that we are all likely to think about at some stage in our lives, but what if you are the primary carer

Life in our bubble: She'll always be

Life in our Bubble: She’ll Always Be


Our daughter was first referred to paediatric services when she was nine months old. This followed our concerns that she was not reaching her milestones and did not seem to be interested in her surroundings. Despite the many assurances we were given by the health visitor that it was only a matter of time, we

What is a Personal Injury Trust?


By Katherine Miller A trust is an arrangement where assets are transferred to a small group of people for them to hold for the benefit of others. A personal injury trust is any trust that holds money or assets that came from an award of damages or compensation for any personal injury. This can include

Life in our Bubble: Feelings


Recently a friend broached the subject of our daughter’s life expectancy. I knew where the conversation was heading long before she asked the question. She just came out with it in the end. I gave a brief answer but didn’t dwell on it. It’s upsetting to talk about and I rarely engage with the subject