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Life in our bubble: Taken by Surprise

Life in our bubble: Taken by Surprise


We are back to going out one after the other, my partner and I, now that our daughter is home with us again full time. I may have said before that she unexpectedly left her residential setting a couple of months ago. It wasn’t a great time. We lost our support when she moved away

What happens if I don’t make a Will?


By Clare Finn Your Will sets out what you want to happen to everything that you own when you die. You can appoint Executors, who make sure your wishes are carried out, and you can appoint Trustees to look after money for any children who are under 18, or where the person you want to

How to change Your Trustees


By Katherine Miller When setting up a Trust one of the biggest considerations is who the Trustees will be. It’s very important to select the right people and we have given some helpful advice in our previous blog post on what you need to consider in this process. As a Trust can last for up

Life in our bubble: Standing Tall

Life in our bubble: Standing Tall


Our daughter’s new standing frame has finally arrived after long delays while funding was agreed. It’s a simple to use piece of kit: our daughter sits in a chair, places her feet in footplates where they are secured with velcro fastenings, and she is is attached to the frame by means of a strap around