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What makes a good Trustee?


By Katherine Miller A Trust is a way of managing assets, for example money, a house and/or investments, for other people. There are a number of reasons why a Trust is set up; a person may be too young to manage money which may be given to them or a person may be disabled and

Should I be paying for my care?


We are often asked by our clients about paying for their care fees now and in the future, in this blog Karen MacDonald, an Independent Financial Adviser, discusses what assessments should be made to determine whether you should even pay for your care fees and what to do once you have been assessed. Over to

Life in our bubble - Just Saying

Life in our bubble: Just Saying


People have often asked us what we consider to be the most difficult aspect of our daughter’s complex needs. We’ve talked about this and come up with different answers over the years as her life has unfolded and developed. Today I would say what I find hardest is the fact that she is non verbal.


#askRL – What does Next of Kin actually mean?


Question: ‘What does Next of Kin actually mean?’ Answer: This is a great question and we’re really pleased we can clear up some of the misconceptions we often hear, Next of Kin is a common term usually used in medical situations or when a person dies. In our experience, people often refer to their ‘Next