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Life in our bubble - Just Saying

Life in our bubble: Just Saying


People have often asked us what we consider to be the most difficult aspect of our daughter’s complex needs. We’ve talked about this and come up with different answers over the years as her life has unfolded and developed. Today I would say what I find hardest is the fact that she is non verbal.


#askRL – What does Next of Kin actually mean?


Question: ‘What does Next of Kin actually mean?’ Answer: This is a great question and we’re really pleased we can clear up some of the misconceptions we often hear, Next of Kin is a common term usually used in medical situations or when a person dies. In our experience, people often refer to their ‘Next

#ChildTrustFundAccess Campaign Update


You may have seen from our recent blog and social media activity that the launch of the Child Trust Fund Access campaign has been gathering pace. The campaign highlights a critical problem with Child Trust Funds, which we believe could see thousands of disabled children disadvantaged. The UK Government introduced Child Trust Funds in 2005

Wheelchair users

Life in our bubble: “Wheelchair user”


Our daughter has been given many labels over the years by professionals and others in their roles as assessors of the different facets of her “complex needs”. At many key moments in her life we have struggled to find the appropriate services and settings for her which properly accommodate, support and encourage her in what