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#askRL – Compensation and Means-Tested Benefits


Question: My brother has recently received around £60,000 compensation for injuries he suffered in an accident five years ago. We aren’t sure how to manage this and are also worried it will affect his means-tested benefits as he has not been able to work since the accident? Answer: Thank you for your question, this is

Life In Our Bubble Duck

Life in our bubble: A life on paper


The ‘Life in our bubble’ blog series gives a parents view of life with a disabled child: I am pleased to report that generally things are going well with The Move and our darling daughter is settling well in her new home. We call it her “other home” when we speak to her about it.

What’s become of the new Inheritance Tax promised changes?


  So has the promised Conservative Party pledge in 2007 to make family homes, worth up to £1m, exempt from Inheritance Tax (IHT) come into fruition or was it simply a manifesto ploy to win votes? The answer to this question isn’t straight-forward and there has been some movement on this pledge. After forming a

What are your care options?

What are your care options? Part two…


Last week we introduced you to our guest bloggers Loretta and Julie from Home and Company, where in their first blog post the explored the options available to you for care in your own home. This week Loretta and Julie talk about options for care outside the home. On the move Staying at home is not