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Making decisions on behalf of a person who lacks mental capacity


By Katherine Miller Determining whether a person can make decisions for themselves is extremely important, especially when the person concerned is disabled or vulnerable. The ability to make your own choices and decisions is referred to as mental capacity. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (MCA) sets out the important principle which states that we must

Living life the way I choose, against all odds by Gina Collins


We’re extremely excited to introduce this month’s expert contributor Gina Collins to the Renaissance Legal family. We work alongside Gina through her role at leading charity Mencap and are proud to bring her voice to the Renaissance Legal blog. Over to Gina… I have a learning disability, but I haven’t let that get in the

Life in our bubble Pizza

Life in our bubble: Pizza


It’s the last day of a long weekend and we are due to take our daughter back to her other home in a few hours. It’s sunny and warm outside but at the moment she is lying on the sofa watching films and playing with her kaleidoscope, a recent acquisition. She’s just finished Matilda and