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Life in our bubble: Holiday

Life in our bubble: Holiday


We have just returned from a short family break. We’ve made the same trip for the last 3 years. The now familiar setting of a quiet seaside resort several hours away from home with its many cafes, shops full of curios and curiosities, swimming pool, long promenade perfect for tricycling, and surrounding colourful summer landscape

Death: Practical thinking to help your family


We realise that talking about the plans you’re considering putting in place when you die isn’t the easiest conversation to have and many people choose to avoid the subject altogether. We would always recommend that you communicate any plans you have put in place with your family and friends to ensure your wishes are met.

Benefits at 16 – time to choose!


In her second guest blog, Jayne Knights, benefits expert, discusses how sorting out family finances when you are a disabled young person can be tricky, especially when you approach your 16th birthday. Over to Jayne.. If you are living at home on your 16th birthday, and you are continuing in full time education which is

Life in our bubble cross roads

Life in our bubble: Other lives


We are trying to find an even balance in our lives now that our daughter has left home and we have more time to consider ourselves first. This is not proving to be as easy as you might think. People ask us if we are going on holiday, if we are getting lots of rest