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The Telegraph reports on our Child Fund Access campaign


We are delighted that The Telegraph newspaper has shown support for our Child Trust Fund Access campaign by publishing a piece explaining that families of disabled children may be disadvantaged if they are unable to access money held in their child trust fund when they turn 18. A snapshot of the piece is as follows:

Life in Our Bubble: Merry and Bright


Our daughter has been having a rough time with her health recently and has spent too many days lying on the sofa feeling wretched and unable to do the things she loves to do the most.  There have been no trips out to the cinema or cafe for her, no poodling around with her PAs

Digital Assets


As we move to a more tech-focused society, the majority of people will have a number of digital assets that will need to be taken into consideration when they die. In terms of the law, this is still a developing area that has not been updated in line with the rapid growth of our digital