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Benefits at Transition – Universal Credit and other tricky inventions


Following our blog last month, introducing our transition series which gives families and carers practical advice on how to manage transition where a disabled and vulnerable person is concerned, benefits expert Jayne Knights guides parents and carers through the new rules of Universal Credit and how parents and carers may be affected by this. Over

What is NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC)?


A major concern for many people and their families is the potentially high cost of care. With weekly care fees reaching £1,000 in some areas, it is understandable that people worry about this issue. The reason for someone needing care will establish how these services are provided and, quite importantly, who pays.  If a person


#askRL – Compensation and Means-Tested Benefits


Question: My brother has recently received around £60,000 compensation for injuries he suffered in an accident five years ago. We aren’t sure how to manage this and are also worried it will affect his means-tested benefits as he has not been able to work since the accident? Answer: Thank you for your question, this is