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Child Trust Fund Access Campaign

Child Trust Fund Access: we’ve been busy


Since our last update in November, our #ChildTrustFundAccess campaign has gained real momentum. As well as securing the support of Labour MP for Hove, we’re delighted to have the backing of local charity Families for Autism who we’re working with to help raise awareness of the campaign. MP Peter Kyle pledges his support  Labour MP

Child Trust Fund Access

Child Trust Fund Access: A very real issue


With over 780 signatures (and counting…) on the Child Trust Fund Access petition, this campaign is gaining in momentum daily. The Child Trust Fund Access campaign continues to raise awareness of the issues some disabled children will face when they come to access the money held in their Child Trust Fund. Real problems for real

Child Trust Fund Campaign – Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know where the details of my child’s Child Trust Fund are, how do I go about finding out? Don’t worry, you’re not alone if you have misplaced the details of the Child Trust Fund, we are asked this question a lot. There is actually a search facility on the HMRC website which can