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Life in Our Bubble I Let's Dance

Life in our Bubble: Let’s Dance


Our daughter’s away at respite. The months are winding down and soon she will be too old to go to the centre she’s been to every month for the last couple of years. It’s for young adults only. The time is nearing for more assessments, reviews, wrangling; more looking for another placement when in reality

Life in our Bubble

Life in Our Bubble: Up and Down Day


Some days just don’t turn out as you expect them to. They may require a range of adjustments. You just never know how they will pan out. It’s true to say they can have their ups and downs as well. Take the other day. It was meant to centre around our daughter’s 6-monthly neuro appointment,

Life in our Bubble

Life in our Bubble: Ball


Our daughter likes nothing better than a good bounce on her gym ball whilst watching videos featuring her favourite girl bands, animal sneezes or clips from tv programmes past and present. The choice is endless thanks to the wonders of YouTube. Her current preference is anything by Dua Lipa. The costumes, choreography, rhythm. Or is

Life in our Bubble

Life in our Bubble: Keeping a lid on it


We are talking about the weather again. It’s been so unusually hot for the past few weeks and we’ve had to adjust our outings to avoid the midday sun. Our daughter is particularly sensitive to it, being fair of skin and hair, having a compromised thermostat in her physical make up which means her body

Life In Our Bubble: Keep Off The Grass


Summer’s here. Everything’s out. Hot sun, bright flowers, beach bums in shorts’n’ flip flops, the barbecue crowd. Our daughter has been stuck indoors for days now, lying on the sofa with the occasional foray to the bathroom and then back to her room at night. She’s feeling rotten while the world goes on around her,