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Planning for the Future to Protect your Child with Autism


Thinking about a time when you may not be here to support your children can be frightening for parents. If you have a child with autism, their future can be especially difficult to think about as they may have varying needs throughout their lifetime.  It is natural to worry about how your child will manage

What is a Personal Injury Trust?


By Katherine Miller A trust is an arrangement where assets are transferred to a small group of people for them to hold for the benefit of others. A personal injury trust is any trust that holds money or assets that came from an award of damages or compensation for any personal injury. This can include

How do I set up a Disabled Person’s Trust?


In previous blogs we have covered what a Disabled Person’s Trust is, how it can be used to benefit a disabled person and the advantages and disadvantages of this type of trust. A Disabled Person’s Trust (which some people may refer to as a ‘disabilities trust’) to recap, can only be set up for people