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What makes a good Trustee?


By Katherine Miller A Trust is a way of managing assets, for example money, a house and/or investments, for other people. There are a number of reasons why a Trust is set up; a person may be too young to manage money which may be given to them or a person may be disabled and

Why Make a Trust?

Trusts have been around for many hundreds of years and are still used for many reasons, including family succession planning, asset protection and tax planning. What is a Trust? A trust is the formal transfer of assets to others to hold for the benefit of someone else. It is usual for the trust to be

Administration of Trusts Information

What are the duties of a Trustee The trustees are under a duty to deal with the assets in the best interests of the Beneficiaries and, if they fail in this duty, they will be in breach of trust. The Beneficiaries can ask the Court to make sure that the terms of the Trust are