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Amaze – Wills and Trust Seminar

15th May – Wills & Trust Seminar

On the 15th May 2019 Philip Warford is speaking to families at Amaze in Brighton about Wills and Trusts created specifically to protect a disabled or vulnerable child or young adult.

Amaze is a charity that offers information advice and support to families of children with special educational needs or disabilities in Brighton and Hove. For further information on Amaze please click here

Philip will explain why it is so important to make a Will, particularly when there is a disabled or vulnerable person in the family who may not be able to provide for themselves now or in the future.

He will talk about the way in which Wills and Trusts can be used to provide financial security for a loved one whilst ensuring their benefits are not affected.

Philip will explain what a Trust is, how they work and when to set them up. He will also cover the Trusts available including Life Interest Trusts, Discretionary Trusts and a Disabled Person’s Trust.

The presentation will also include:

  • Choosing Executors and Trustees
  • Letters of Wishes
  • How to make Gifts in a Will
  • Preparation for a meeting with the Solicitor

If you would like to attend this seminar call the helpline on 01273 772289 to book or email info@amazebrighton.org.uk

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