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Carers Centre – Decision Making Seminar

Organiser: Carers Centre

Venue: Friends Meeting House

Booking: 01273977000

5th December Carers Workshop (unpaid Carers only)

On 5th December 2019 Philip Warford is speaking to families and carers at the Carers Centre in Brighton and Hove. Philip will be talking about Decision Making which includes Mental Capacity, Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection.

The Carers Centre has been operating since 1988, and have been helping family carers with support, advice and a well-deserved break from their caring role.

At this seminar we talk to parents and carers about the future when their child reaches 18. The principles are that no one has the right to make decisions on behalf of a person when they become an adult. The reality of this is not so simple.

If a person lacks the ability to make a decision then their mental capacity is questioned, Philip will explain the principles around mental capacity and what families and carers need to consider.

Philip will go on to talk about Powers of Attorney. The appointment of someone to make decisions on behalf of a person with a learning disability, what and how they can be used.

Philip will also explain what the Court of Protection is, what they do, timescales and charges.


To book call the Carers Hub on 01273 977000.


1.30pm to 4.30pm


Friends Meeting House, Ship St, Brighton BN1 1AF




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