David Lewis – Planning for the Future with Wills & Trusts Webinar

Thursday 18th April 2024 at 10:00am 

Stuart Price will be presenting our Wills and Trust seminar together with David Lewis.

Stuart will discuss the reasons why it is essential to have a Will in place, but in many cases it is not enough. An example of this is by leaving a sum of money to a disabled or vulnerable person this could impact their entitlement to means-tested benefits.

To solve this problem, families are shown that they can consider leaving money for a sibling or close family member to ‘look after’ on their behalf and the safe way to do this is through a Trust.

Stuart will explain how loved ones can protect means-tested benefits and have financial security for their child through the different types of Trust options available and as well as a Letter of Wishes.

Areas covered in this seminar are:

  • How you can protect a disabled person using Wills and Trusts
  • The choice of Guardians for minor children
  • The choice of Executors and Trustees
  • The use of Letters of Wishes
  • Making Gifts in a Will
  • When should you set up a Trust
  • How to protect means-tested benefits

Location: Webinar via Zoom

To book please contact Melanie Gait – fundraising@davidlewis.org.uk

Organiser: David Lewis

Venue: Zoom

18th April, 2024 @ 10.00am

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