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YMCA Seminar

On the 26th February Philip Warford is speaking to families and carers at YMCA East Surrey about Decision Making.

YMCA provide support to vulnerable children, young people and adults and help them to belong, contribute and thrive.

At this event, Philip will be talking to parents and carers about planning for the future when a vulnerable or disabled child becomes an adult. The key principle is that no one has the right to make decisions on behalf of another person when they turn 18. However, the reality of this is not as clear.

Philip will explain the principles around mental capacity and what families and carers need to consider. As well as Powers of Attorney and the appointment of someone to make decisions on behalf of a person with a disability. Philip will also explain what the Court of Protection is and what they do, he will also cover becoming a Deputy for a disabled or vulnerable person, the timescales and their charges.

If you would like to attend this seminar please contact: 01737 229230

Location: TBC


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