Professional Attorney

If you decide to put in place a Lasting Power of Attorney, you will need to choose the right person or people to be your Attorney and you may also consider having replacement Attorneys.  You need to be sure that your chosen Attorney(s) will act in your best interests when making decisions on your behalf. We provide Professional Attorney services and can act for you in that capacity.

Professional Deputy

You can apply to be a person’s Deputy if they lack mental capacity and they can’t make decisions for themselves. This can be a relative or friend, or, you could decide to appoint us to act as the Deputy.

A Deputy is authorised by the Court of Protection to make decisions on a persons behalf. There are two types of deputy and you can apply for one or both:

  • Property and financial affairs
  • Personal welfare

Our approach

We work closely with the person creating the Power of Attorney and/or the vulnerable individual, supporting them through the process and ensuring that their best needs are always considered.

We have many years experience providing these services and have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as being regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

If you would like to discuss our Attorney and Deputy Services, or have a question about who might be the best person to appoint in your circumstances, please contact us for an initial consultation.

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