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Inheritance Tax Planning


The official statistics show that in 14/15 £3.8 billion was paid in Inheritance Tax (IHT) for deaths in that year.  The majority of IHT is paid as a result of the value of properties and the level of savings that some people have.  Alongside this, the IHT threshold has been frozen at £325,000 since April 2009 resulting in more estates being liable to IHT.

Currently, the government levies Inheritance Tax at 40% on the value that exceeds the nil-rate threshold (for further information on how this calculation is made please see our information sheet above).

However, through effective planning we may be able to help you achieve savings. This is a key aspect of our service.

Our approach

We help clients carry out estate planning effectively, and work with you to explore the different ways it might be possible to reduce your tax liability. For example, a carefully crafted Will not only ensures your wishes are put in place when you die, but may help reduce the amount of tax the estate has to pay.

We take a holistic approach to your individual circumstances and believe that effective Inheritance Tax Planning cannot be considered in isolation.

Please see our Wills and Trust services for further information.

Our team also regularly work with other professional advisors, for example Independent Financial Advisors and Accountants, to make sure we offer you the best advice suited to your personal circumstances.

For further information, or to speak to us about Inheritance Tax Planning, please contact us.

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