Renaissance Trust

Renaissance Trust is our dedicated Trust company.  Launched in 2022 to provide a single-destination service and unparalleled expertise in Trusts, Renaissance Trust advises individuals, families, companies and existing Trustees on the creation of Trusts, ongoing management, administration and compliance.

There is a commercial arrangement between the shareholder of this firm and Renaissance Trust, however there is no obligation on our clients to use the services of Renaissance Trust.

How can Renaissance Trust help?

The team at Renaissance Trust provide transparent, bespoke, unbiased advice and services to our clients to ensure your financial interests are protected in the short and long term.

Professional Trustees

When setting up a Trust you will need to decide who will be your Trustees, these are the people in charge of managing the Trust Fund, making provision for the beneficiaries and completing any necessary tax returns and trust forms.

Our specialist team are experienced in acting as professional Trustees. In this role we always consider your wishes when administering the Trust and, wherever possible, liaise with the beneficiaries, their families and carers, to ensure their needs and requirements are met.

Trust Services

Renaissance Trust offers support and advice to Trustees on a number of trust related issues.  When setting up a Trust, Trustees often need support in dealing with the administration and understanding their duties and responsibilities.

Throughout the lifetime of the Trust we can advise on the completion of trust accounts and tax returns, we can arrange and assist with investment advice and help the Trustees to run the Trust tax efficiently.

Trustees may also require ad hoc advice regarding payments to beneficiaries, changing of Trustees and winding up of a Trust.

Professional Executors

The team at Renaissance Trust also provide Executor services if you would like to select a professional person to be in charge of the process of administering your Will, as Executors we carry out the wishes of the deceased correctly and appropriately within the law.

Our approach

As Trustees and Executors the team at Renaissance Trust work extremely closely with the beneficiaries of Trusts and Wills, supporting them throughout and ensuring that their best interests are always considered. We also liaise with financial advisors and accountants if required.

We have many years’ experience providing these services and have Professional Indemnity Insurance as well as being regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

If you would like more information on our Trustee or Executor Services, or would like to discuss your personal circumstances, please call 01273 569279 or email

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