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Trusts for Disabled & Vulnerable People

Trusts A Trust can be a useful tool to provide financial stability for a disabled or vulnerable person throughout their lifetime. The type of Trust required depends on your personal circumstances, the flexibility needed and the value and type of assets involved. The two main options available are a Discretionary Trust and a Disabled Person’s

What is an Advance Decision?

An Advance Decision, previously called a Living Will or Advance Directive, is a legal document setting out your wishes regarding medical treatment in the event that you are incapacitated and unable to make decisions for yourself. Many people feel strongly that they would not wish to receive life prolonging or life sustaining treatment past the

What is the Court of Protection?

It is vitally important to protect people who cannot make decisions for themselves. This could be due to a mental health condition, a severe learning difficulty, a brain injury, a stroke or unconsciousness due to an anaesthetic or sudden accident. There is a system in place which allows someone to be formally appointed to make

Why Make a Will?

It is a sad statistic that the majority of adults do not have a Will and of those that do, a large proportion have Wills that are out of date. Here we explain why it is important to make a Will and keep it up to date. Intestacy rules If you die without having made a

Why Make a Trust?

Trusts have been around for many hundreds of years and are still used for many reasons, including family succession planning, asset protection and tax planning. What is a Trust? A trust is the formal transfer of assets to others to hold for the benefit of someone else. It is usual for the trust to be


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