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Administration of Trusts Information

What are the duties of a Trustee The trustees are under a duty to deal with the assets in the best interests of the Beneficiaries and, if they fail in this duty, they will be in breach of trust. The Beneficiaries can ask the Court to make sure that the terms of the Trust are

Estate Administration Process

It is sometimes useful to understand the procedure involved in winding up the estate of someone who had died. We have set out the various stages below to help you understand what to expect and what we are doing for you. Of course this is only intended to be a general guidance – Each estate

Inheritance Tax Planning Information

What is Inheritance Tax? When you die a value has to be put on all of your assets and liabilities. Your assets may include property, bank accounts, stocks and shares, insurance policies, business interests and other investments. Then, very basically, if you leave your estate to anyone other than your spouse, civil partner or to

Lasting Power of Attorney Information

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney? A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document in which you give authority to another person (known as an ‘Attorney’) to make certain decisions on your behalf. The Attorney will have the authority to make decisions about matters such as your property and financial affairs or health

Power of Attorney Information

What does Power of Attorney mean? By a Power of Attorney you can delegate administration of your affairs to someone who is competent to handle them for you. You may just be out of the country for several months or it could be that you are unwell and you need someone to help you during


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