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Kate Rivera

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Kate is a Marketing Consultant and manages Renaissance Legal’s marketing activity. Her responsibility is to ensure the firm’s marketing is implemented with the same professionalism and passion that the firm strives to deliver with its legal support for disabled and vulnerable people, their families and carers.

Kate has worked in marketing within many sectors across business to business, business to consumer and not for profit organisations, including a children’s burns charity who support families and work to reduce the number of children with burns and scalds in the UK. She specialises in marketing strategy and planning and has vast experience in branding, PR , SEO, content marketing, PPC, ecommerce conversion optimisation, email marketing, research and project management.

With a Business Studies and Marketing honours degree, CIM Postgraduate Marketing Diploma, and Chartered Marketer status, Kate has proven her dedication to the craft of marketing.  Always wanting to learn and grow, and never settling for second best.

Getting to know Kate

If you were not a Marketing Consultant what job would you do?

My husband would say anything that involves planning, structure, organisation and deadlines!

If you were given a day off work where would we find you?

Probably stomping in puddles and getting muddy with my daughter in the park.

What can you do that no one else in the office can do? 

I can recite any passage from ‘Friends’ and make myself laugh.

If you could go back in history to a specific date or time, what would it be?

Oh, tough one! I would say I’m happy being in the here and now.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

How long have you got?! I have a huge passion for travel and have visited a number of places around the world, but there is so much I still want to see. Top of the list would probably be completing the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru.

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