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Rachael Boss

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Rachael joined Renaissance Legal in 2021. She is one of the first points of contact for most of our clients.

Prior to joining the firm, Rachael has worked in both Medical and Legal business environments. Including two years as a Legal Receptionist in a busy law firm, and more recently as a Practice Manager in Hove.

Rachael has a passion for excellent customer service, and takes great pride in joining a company that helps vulnerable people on a daily basis. Rachael believes that kindness and communication is key.

Getting to know Rachael

If you were not in a client and office administration role what job would you do? 
Raising my daughter as a single parent meant I was not able to travel very much, so my dream job would be a secret shopper for hotels around the world.  Basically, just travelling the globe.

If you were given a day off work where would we find you?
With my daughter and new granddaughter, annoying them with kisses and cuddles.  Or, somewhere outside in nature.

What can you do that no one else in the office can do?
I have done a 15,000 ft parachute jump for Great Ormond Street. I can also eat a whole packet of biscuits without feeling terribly guilty!

If you could go back in history to a specific date or time, what would it be? 
To hug my Father, just one more time.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?
Hotel Azulik in Tulum, Mexico.

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